I have known Mrs. Hansen for some time now and was responsible for her recruitment to the City of Prince Rupert where she held the position of Deputy Director of Finance.

At the time of hiring Mrs. Hansen I was a contract employee with the City of Prince Rupert and held the position of Chief Financial Officer. Mrs. Hansen was a member of our three member Finance Management team and reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Mrs. Hansen is an extremely knowledgeable professional, as it relates to both her professional designation and leadership experience, and one who was well respected by  her colleagues within and external to the City of Prince Rupert. Her ability to work well with people at all levels in the City, with community partners and private sector organizations was well demonstrated and she had a reputation as someone who cares and demonstrates integrity in all her dealings.

Her leadership characteristics were well demonstrated throughout the City and she was extremely well respected by her departmental staff. She challenged staff and the status quo in an effort to find new ways for operational improvement and was continually seeking staff input to insure all changes were sound, workable and acceptable. Her success in this area was well demonstrated and brought a renewed work commitment from staff that helped inspire a team approach to the workings of the Finance Department as well as igniting a fresh wave of initiative in some of the City’s long term staff.

Mrs. Hansen was a dedicated employee that did not shy away from problems. She faced problems as a challenge and employed innovation, initiative and intuition to bring resolve to these challenges. She has a good sense of humor and has the ability to use this characteristic as a leadership tool to engage people in taking part in various aspects of the departmental operations.

In summary I am able to say with confidence that Mrs. Hansen is a professional that demonstrates dedication to her work, is a self starter that is challenged by opportunities that will result in operational and organization improvement and is someone that strives for personal improvement through the responsibilities she assumes.

Overall I believe that Mrs. Hansen would be a valuable asset to any organization and I personally would have no hesitation in reengaging the services of Mrs. Hansen  should I be in a position to need a qualified accounting professional with sound technical skills and leadership strengths.

Hopefully these comments will assist you in your evaluation of Mrs. Hansen as you are reviewing your needs for position placements. I would be more that happy to discuss Mrs. Hansen with you should you need additional information or require any clarification relative to this document. I can be reached as per the information below.

Jim Bruce
15578 Pacific Ave
White Rock, BC
604-542-6390 (H)
604-516-9588 (C)

Accounting Services

  • Compilation Engagements
  • Review Engagements
  • Business and Personal Taxation
  • Install / Setup Accounting Software
  • Payroll
  • GST and HST Remittance
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Lease / Buy Analysis
  • Budget Preparation
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Consulting