What is a CMA?

Certified Management Accountants (CMA) do more than just measure value – they create it. As the leaders in management accounting, CMAs actively apply a unique mix of financial expertise, strategic insight, innovative thinking and a collaborative approach to help grow successful businesses.

Working in organizations of all sizes and types, CMAs provide an integrating perspective to business decision making, applying best management practices in strategic planning, finance, operations, sales and marketing, information technology, and human resources to identify new market opportunities, ensure corporate accountability, and help organizations maintain a long-term competitive advantage.

CMAs have unique competencies in cost management, strategic performance measurement, process management, risk management and assurance services, and stakeholder reporting, coupled with the ability to connect strategy with operations and anticipate customer and supplier needs. They have a holistic view of business, are able to identify issues, envision and chart solutions, and engage the appropriate measures and people within the organization to achieve the desired results.CMAs are considered both leaders and solid team players, which translates into a unique and effective style of management.

Unlike other accounting and business professionals, who specialize in financial reporting, auditing, theoretical applications or after-the-fact verification, the CMA is equipped to look to the future to provide real-world strategic direction, business management and leadership.

Accounting Services

  • Compilation Engagements
  • Review Engagements
  • Business and Personal Taxation
  • Install / Setup Accounting Software
  • Payroll
  • GST and HST Remittance
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Lease / Buy Analysis
  • Budget Preparation
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Consulting