Ihave been working in the field of accounting and financial management for over 25 years. I started off doing basic accounting and auditing and went back to school to become licensed as a CMA. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of positions from owning my own Public Practice, working as a Deputy Director of Finance for the City of Prince Rupert, to working for several different companies as their controller.

My greatest skill is my ability to run a team and to make sure that the team works as a cohesive unit. I believe in putting in my time and effort to maximize the financial benefits of my clients. I have the experience to work in a variety of corporate environments, with a particular background working in a legal setting, in medium to large sized businesses, in the area of real estate management, as well as in the public company mining industry.

I also speak several languages and have the ability to understand and communicate with individuals speaking not only English, but also many of the Romance languages.  I have experience working in another language and am skilled at translating.

I feel that my leadership skills are such that they have allowed me to advance and to work well in the field of financial management.  I am not just another accountant, but instead the type of person who can run a company.  I interact as an equal with my professional peers, as well as with those who are working as members of my team.  I have trained numerous individuals to take up roles and improve their skill sets in the area of accountant and office administrative duties.

I have a natural ability to be involved in numerous projects at the same time while always being on top of what must be done; I use my organizational skills to keep me on track while I multi-task and make sure that all aspects of my job are being followed-up.  As well, I understand the importance of delegating and have the ability to motivate my staff to get the best result; my staff will always work at the optimum, yet are content and feel comfortable coming to me with problems because they always know that I can help them find an answer.

I am well versed in a variety of computer  software systems designed for business, accounting and   financial reporting.  Not only do I have this broad base of experience, but I am able to adapt to a new system with ease and dexterity. Over the last year, I have worked for several different companies in an attempt to find the best fit employment for my personal needs.

During these shifts in employment, I have had to learn new computerized software over short periods of time.  I have also had to become familiar and apply my knowledge to different management protocols and different accounting requirements.  I have a natural flexibility to different work environments and believe that my ability to adapt is among my greatest talents.

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Work Experience

Academy of Learning Edmonton Group & Digital School: Controller (Edmonton, AB)

City of Prince Rupert:  Deputy Director of Finance (Prince Rupert, BC)

Carlyle Shepherd & Co: Senior Account Manager (Kitimat, BC)

All Seasons Properties Lda.: Licensed Real Estate Broker (Vilamoura, Algarve Portugal)

Hansen & Associates: Owner, Senior Accountant (Vancouver, BC)

Siddall & Company Law Corp.: Part-time Controller and Business Administrator (Vancouver, BC)

Cassandra Resources Inc. / Roger’s Drilling Services Ltd.: Part-time Bookkeeper and Accountant (Vancouver, BC)